headshotI grew up in Seattle and attended the University of Washington. In 1972, I traveled in Europe for a year with my family. We then settled in Portland, where I pursued an interest in textiles at Oregon College of Art and Craft. I joined Blackfish Gallery in 1985, and was a member for 10 years.

I am very intrigued with traditional textiles, but in my own work, am more interested in non traditional materials (such as wire, window screen or plastic).  My work is a continuing dialogue or interaction with these materials and their transformation.  Often the piece is the dress—a universal and accessible image, referring to both the presence and absence of the figure.  Sometimes I make more abstract pieces, which may be influenced by quilts or lace.  I like the contrast of metal and other technological materials, with the usually fragile and sensual quality of fabric.  The process of knitting, stitching and crocheting is very meditative and the work changes as the piece takes shape.  I hope to evoke memories or connotations in the viewer through these images.